Why I Wish Walmart Was Swedish

IKEA, the Swedish-founded furniture and home decor store that has been synonymous with saving the customer a few dollars by turning their products into do-it-yourself weekend projects is not only a model of iconic style and design, but also of how a company hellbent on providing the lowest possible price should operate in order to realize their goal.

iPhone Launch Brings Many Delays, Few New Features

This story appeared in the July 14 edition of the UNLV Rebel Yell and a link appears at the bottom of the text. It was edited for space, though, and the full text appears below.

Friday, July 11 marked the launch of the iPhone 3G, sporting a faster internet connection and GPS functionality. While iPhone and AT&T stores alike struggled to activate the phones, delays and connection problems left many would-be customers waiting impatiently for the new phone, while many of its features were provided to current iPhone and iPod Touch users.

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