TinyUmbrella throws "Cannot Start TSS Service" error

If you're an iPhone jailbreaker, you're probably already familiar with TinyUmbrella, the versatile desktop application that can save your SHSH blogs, put your iOS device into and out of recovery mode, and run it's own TSS Server to convinces downgrades and restores that they're talking to Apple's servers instead of your own. It's a great tool and can easily be considered the iOS hackers swiss army knife.

That is, when it works.

iPhone Wish List: Editable Autocomplete

When Apple announced their much-lauded iPhone, the lack of a physical keyboard was a common topic on the keyboards of tech bloggers the world over. The cupertino-based consumer electronics firm, having that same day dropped the word "Computers" from their name to become Apple, Inc., reassured fans and hopefuls that several advancements had been made to make the touch-based keyboard as easy to use as a physical set of keys.

It's Still An iPod, Right?

The iphone is widely regarded as the greatest mobile phone and internet device, ripe with an App Store offering over 65,000 applications of every stripe and color. But it's still an iPod, right?

In the early days of the iPhone, before Cupertino had graced users with copy-and-paste or multimedia messaging, things were simple. Users could open any application and make use of the phone's whole feature set without interrupting the music playing through their earbuds. If you weren't watching a YouTube video or a piece of QuickTime video in Mail or Safari, your iPod experience was seamless.

FileMaker Databases on iPhone

Yesterday, I posted about the shiny new iPhone App version of FileMaker's personal database application Bento, speculating as to whether this meant an iPhone version of Bento's big brother FileMaker Pro was on the horizon. A new edition of the FileMaker e-mail newsletter landed in my inbox this morning, and makes me think we won't see a native iPhone app from the developers at FileMaker anytime soon.

Bento for iPhone A Good Omen for FileMaker Mobile

FileMaker, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Apple, has today released their first foray into the world of the iPhone and iPod touch. Bento, their personal database application, is now available in the iTunes App Store for a mere $4.99. Though the app can synchronize with the $49.99 Bento desktop client, at just $4.99 it is remarkably capable as a standalone database application with 25 ready-to-use databases. Keep track of your DVD collection, manage your employees' hours, or keep track of emergency contact info with ease.

iPhone Launch Brings Many Delays, Few New Features

This story appeared in the July 14 edition of the UNLV Rebel Yell and a link appears at the bottom of the text. It was edited for space, though, and the full text appears below.

Friday, July 11 marked the launch of the iPhone 3G, sporting a faster internet connection and GPS functionality. While iPhone and AT&T stores alike struggled to activate the phones, delays and connection problems left many would-be customers waiting impatiently for the new phone, while many of its features were provided to current iPhone and iPod Touch users.

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