Welcome to StevenSokulski.com. As I now have both a MySpace account and a Facebook account I have decided that it is high time for me to unify my bloggings in one space. Thus the domain StevenSokulski.com will actually serve a purpose, providing that unifying space. Stay tuned for the thoughts, theories, and tinkerings of someone who isn't trying to see things too differently, but can't help it sometimes.

Sons of Anarchy - Season 4, Episode 3 Song

Season 4 Episode 3 (S04E03) of Sons of Anarchy is a killer episode. Lots of conflict being setup for the rest of this season and beyond.

One of the highlights is the closing of the episode, which plays out against the song All of This Could Have Been Yours by Shooter Jennings & Hierophant (iTunes).

Great song, great ending.

The Future: All Up In The Air

The year is 2018 and you pull your sleek, all electric into your driveway to find the metal door lifting out of your path as if it "knows" you're approaching. Parking your car in the garage you get out and head inside, but not before a small, blue indicator light on your dashboard begins to glow. Your car is charging. And you haven't done much more than remove the key from the ignition and shut the door. The secret lies in a small box, not much larger than a set-top cable box or VCR.

Facebook: First Impressions

This past Saturday was met with my succumbing to the desires of several people that probably don't yet know what I've done. For at least a year I have been pestered to create an account at Facebook.com, home to a popular social networking site similar to MySpace. Setting up the account was expectedly simple and at first I didn't understand why I need a Facebook profile to go along with my MySpace profile. What could Facebook possibly offer that MySpace was not already giving me?