Welcome to StevenSokulski.com. As I now have both a MySpace account and a Facebook account I have decided that it is high time for me to unify my bloggings in one space. Thus the domain StevenSokulski.com will actually serve a purpose, providing that unifying space. Stay tuned for the thoughts, theories, and tinkerings of someone who isn't trying to see things too differently, but can't help it sometimes.

Sons of Anarchy - Season 4, Episode 3 Song

Season 4 Episode 3 (S04E03) of Sons of Anarchy is a killer episode. Lots of conflict being setup for the rest of this season and beyond.

One of the highlights is the closing of the episode, which plays out against the song All of This Could Have Been Yours by Shooter Jennings & Hierophant (iTunes).

Great song, great ending.

D23 Expo: Can Disney do it again?

Yesterday evening at 5:00 the inaugural D23 Expo completed its four-day run in Anaheim, California. The first Disney fan convention to ever be produced by The Walt Disney Company took over the entire convention center, over 800,000 square feet in total. While the expo did not use the entire facility for public presentations, the size and scope of the facility was impressive and unmatched by any of the current Disney fan gatherings.

FileMaker Databases on iPhone

Yesterday, I posted about the shiny new iPhone App version of FileMaker's personal database application Bento, speculating as to whether this meant an iPhone version of Bento's big brother FileMaker Pro was on the horizon. A new edition of the FileMaker e-mail newsletter landed in my inbox this morning, and makes me think we won't see a native iPhone app from the developers at FileMaker anytime soon.

Bento for iPhone A Good Omen for FileMaker Mobile

FileMaker, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Apple, has today released their first foray into the world of the iPhone and iPod touch. Bento, their personal database application, is now available in the iTunes App Store for a mere $4.99. Though the app can synchronize with the $49.99 Bento desktop client, at just $4.99 it is remarkably capable as a standalone database application with 25 ready-to-use databases. Keep track of your DVD collection, manage your employees' hours, or keep track of emergency contact info with ease.

Wal-Mart to Walmart: New paint, same shack

There's no doubt that Wal-Mart has worked diligently to change the face of its company, painting themselves as a kinder, softer, and more considerate story and downplaying the eminent power they wield in the retail world. In fact, its probably accurate to say they are working harder to change their perception than to actually change their practices. A most recent change, shifting from the typeset spelling of Wal-Mart to Walmart, aims to personalize the name and make it more like a personal first name than a corporate entity.

Read By The Author

Some might say than an audiobook is a lazy shortcut to reading a book. The time savings is undeniable, especially if you listen while driving or multitasking. And for those that absorb information better aurally than visually audiobooks may actually improve comprehension. All of these argument are easily refuted, but there is one area in which audiobooks undeniably excel.