Welcome to StevenSokulski.com. As I now have both a MySpace account and a Facebook account I have decided that it is high time for me to unify my bloggings in one space. Thus the domain StevenSokulski.com will actually serve a purpose, providing that unifying space. Stay tuned for the thoughts, theories, and tinkerings of someone who isn't trying to see things too differently, but can't help it sometimes.

Sons of Anarchy - Season 4, Episode 3 Song

Season 4 Episode 3 (S04E03) of Sons of Anarchy is a killer episode. Lots of conflict being setup for the rest of this season and beyond.

One of the highlights is the closing of the episode, which plays out against the song All of This Could Have Been Yours by Shooter Jennings & Hierophant (iTunes).

Great song, great ending.

Villa Livera - The House That Gio Built

One year ago this month, the November 2008 issue of MAGIC Magazine featured the story of two magical environments created by public speaker and accomplished magician Giovanni Livera. The four-page story came out of a tour of the facility I took during an internship with the Walt Disney Company in Orlando and countless phone call follow-ups between Livera and myself. The introduction is posted below. You can read more by clicking the link at the bottom to Giovanni's website.

Mr. Gregory's Garden

A while back I added the ability to organize posts on this blog as either fiction or non-fiction. Until now, that feature hasn't been used at all. Today, I'm posting what I hope to be the first of many works of original fiction. This piece was written as part of a fiction workshop at UNLV about four weeks ago. After some editing and polishing, I'm finally ready to let it out.

Admit Three: A Weekend of Theatre in Southern Nevada

It seems that popularity in the arts seems to move in waves. For example, the early-nineties revival of disco brought the genre into prominent culture for a time before allowing it to fall back in among the others. So, it seems, goes community theater in Southern Nevada. The past two weekends have marked the overlap of three productions in the Las Vegas area: Cannibal! The Musical, Reefer Madness, and Reasons to be Pretty.

The Most Trusted Man in America

During Monday night's season premier of the medical drama House, Dr. Greg House's psychiatrist suggested he begin to trust people. As an exercise, he took House to a party where he'd be required to interact with total strangers, remarking that they would "start here, and work our way up."

Frank Warren is a stranger. Of the 200 people that send PostSecret postcards to his Maryland address every day, I can safely assume that only a small handful have even shook his hand at a book signing or live event. But they all trust him.

It's Still An iPod, Right?

The iphone is widely regarded as the greatest mobile phone and internet device, ripe with an App Store offering over 65,000 applications of every stripe and color. But it's still an iPod, right?

In the early days of the iPhone, before Cupertino had graced users with copy-and-paste or multimedia messaging, things were simple. Users could open any application and make use of the phone's whole feature set without interrupting the music playing through their earbuds. If you weren't watching a YouTube video or a piece of QuickTime video in Mail or Safari, your iPod experience was seamless.